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Tools and mathematics: instruments for learning

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Monaghan, J., Trouche, L., & Borwein, J., Springer (2016).


This book is an exploration of tools and mathematics and issues in mathematics education related to tool use.

The book has five parts.

  • The first part reflects on doing a mathematical task with different tools, followed by a mathematician's account of tool use in his work.
  • The second considers prehistory and history: tools in the development from ape to human; tools and mathematics in the ancient world; tools for calculating; and tools in mathematics instruction.
  • The third part opens with a broad review of technology and intellectual trends, circa 1970, and continues with three case studies of approaches in mathematics education and the place of tools in these approaches.
  • The fourth part considers issues related to mathematics instructions: curriculum, assessment and policy; the calculator debate; mathematics in the real world; and teachers' use of technology.
  • The final part looks to the future: task and tool design and new forms of activity via connectivity and computer games.

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