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Geogebra 3.2

Dernière modification 06/06/2009 08:39

Geogebra team, mai 2009

You can get it from here

New features in GeoGebra 3.2:

  • Spreadsheet View (see "View" menu)
  • Automatic animation of sliders (right/command click a slider)
  • New tools: Compass, Mirror at Circle, conics, Best Fit Line, Record to Spreadsheet
  • Commands for statistics functions and diagrams
  • Matrix and complex number support
  • Layers and dynamic colors
  • Export to PGF/TikZ
  • 45 languages

Find out about all this and more in our GeoGebra 3.2 Release Notes All new features are described in our fully revised manual "GeoGebra Help"


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