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Portsmouth, 5-8 juil. 2011

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The Tenth International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching will be held on Portsea Island from Tuesday July 5th to Friday July 8th 2011 at the University of Portsmouth on the South coast of England.

Enhancing Mathematics Education Through Technology

CALL For PAPERS (by 31st January 2011) Submission of proposals is invited either online or by email to in the form of a title, author(s), theme(s) addressed and an abstract of up to 300 words in English.

The biennial ICTMT conference is a legacy of Professor Bert Waits’ (Ohio State University) commitment to promote technology in mathematics education. The inaugural conference was held in Birmingham, UK in 1993. The ICTMT conferences aim to bring together lecturers, teachers, educators, curriculum designers, mathematics education researchers, learning technologists and educational software designers, who share an interest in improving the quality of teaching and learning by effective use of technology. It provides a forum for researchers and practitioners in this field to discuss and share better practices, theoretical know-how, innovation and perspectives on educative technologies and their impact on the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Themes of ICTMT10

The conference is organised around the following themes:

  1. Curriculum: The impact of technology on the content, progression and approach to the mathematics curriculum.
  2. Applications: Technology as a bridge between mathematics and its traditional applications.
  3. Sports and leisure: Technology as a bridge between mathematics and sport.
  4. Support for students: Technology to support students’ mathematical learning outside normal teaching
  5. Assessment: Technology in assessing mathematics.
  6. Innovation: New developments in technology for learning and teaching mathematics.
  7. Teacher development: Technology for mathematics teachers' professional development.
  8. Student engagement: Technology to motivate students to learn mathematics.



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