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International Congress on Mathematical Education

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Séoul, 8-15 juil. 2012

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The objectives of the International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME) are:


  • to show what is happening in mathematics education worldwide, in terms of research as well as teaching practices.
  • to inform about the problems of mathematics education around the world
  • to learn and benefit from recent advances in mathematics as a discipline.
  • to exchange information on the problems of mathematics education around the world.
  • to introduce exemplary cases of domestic classrooms (teaching) in mathematics education, which contributes to improvement of mathematics education around the world or vice versa.
  • to improve the quality and professionalism of domestic mathematics teachers through introduction of exemplary cases in mathematics education worldwide.


"On behalf of the organizing bodies for the 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education(ICME-12), the International Programme Committee(IPC), the Local Organizing Committee(LOC), and National Advisory Committee(NAC), I cordially invite all the readers of this Third Announcement to participate in the ICME-12 to be held in Seoul from July 8th to 15th, 2012. The Congress is to be held under the auspices of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction(ICMI).

The IPC, comprised of 22 members from 18 countries, has put together a rich, varied and multi-faceted scientific programme for the Congress with the aim of attracting and addressing the entire community of researchers and pioneers of mathematics education all over the world. The programme will provide food for thought and inspiration for practice for all, from established mathematics educators of world renown to novices in the field attending their first ICME, and everyone else with interest in mathematics education. Through Plenary Activities, Regular Lectures, Survey Teams, Topic Study Groups, Discussion Groups, and other activities, the state of the art in mathematics education research and the practice of mathematics teaching and learning will be examined and demonstrated from international perspectives."

Sun Je Cho, Chair of the international program committee



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