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Caroline Bardini, ICTMT9 co-chair.

The bi-annual ICTMT (International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching) conference is a legacy of Professor Bert K. Waits’s (Ohio State University) authentic will to promote technology in mathematics education. It aims at bringing together classroom practitioners, curriculum designers, mathematics education researchers and educational software designers, all of them sharing an interest to improve the quality of teaching and learning by effective use of technology. It provides a forum for researchers and practitioners in this field to discuss and share better practices, theoretical know-ho, innovation and perspectives on educative technologies and their impact on the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Previous ICTMT’s have been held in the following countries :

  • ICTMT 1 1993 Birmingham, England
  • ICTMT 2 1995 Edinburgh, Scotland
  • ICTMT 3 1997 Koblenz, Germany
  • ICTMT 4 1999 Plymouth, England
  • ICTMT 5 2001 Klagenfurt, Austria
  • ICTMT 6 2003 Volos, Greece
  • ICTMT 7 2005 Bristol, England
  • ICTMT 8 2007 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.

The ninth edition of this series takes place this year on the campus of the University of Metz (France) and has recorded more than 100 contributions from experts coming from over 40 different countries! The wide-ranging culture setting and the various themes suggested by the different contributions augurs a very rich and fruitful conference. Trainers, professors, academics, speakers and researchers will exchange, share and discuss about the following themes:

  • Impact of ICT on the mathematics curriculum
  • ICT helping links between mathematics and other subjects
  • New developments in technology for learning and teaching mathematics
  • New approaches to mathematics teachers’ professional development
  • New possibilities for assessment in mathematics
  • Inspiring students to engage with mathematics
  • Statistics, technology and society

Be sure to visit the web page of this great event!


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