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Vera valise methodology

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Main elements, towards new developments

The methodology is directly inspired from the methodology of reflective investigation, which has been presented in (Gueudet & Trouche 2012). Other elements, related to the relation between the teacher and the researcher, namely the methodological contract, are presented in the PhD of Hussein Sabra (2011). A lot of things remain to be precised (the making of a video, the grids for analysis, etc.).

The table below recalls some elements of the methodology timeline.

The SRRS stands for schematic representation of the resource system: the teacher is asked for discribing thanks to a drawing the organisation of her own resources, related to her activities (see Vera SRRS on the Vera general resources folder, and on the Vera local resources forder).

The instruction to the double is a kind of mental experience. The researcher asked the teacher to imagine the following experience: she will no be able to do her lesson and then she has to ask "her double" to do it instead of her, exactly as if she was the same teacher. The logbook filled by the teacher gives acces to a part of the documentation work of the teacher, focuses on a given lesson.

In Vera's case, the methodology evolves from two points of view:

  • instead of the instruction to the double, meaning that the lesson had already be prepared, the researcher asked the teacher to prepare, or re-prepare, her lesson alongside him, opening a window on her real living documentation work;
  • between the lesson observation and the stimulated recall session, took place a debriefing session, where the teacher looked at the results of a class test. Analyzing these results leads the teacher to rethink her lesson.

Four sessions are videotaped, see image below (links to the video on the documentation valise page).

Capture d’écran 2013-12-20 à 08.46.55.png


Gueudet, G., & Trouche, L. (2012). Teachers’ work with resources: documentation geneses and professional geneses, in G. Gueudet, B. Pepin, & L. Trouche (eds.), From Text to ‘Lived’ Resources: Mathematics Curriculum Materials and Teacher Development, 23-41, NY: Springer.

Sabra, H. (2011). Contribution à l'étude du travail documentaire des enseignants de mathématiques : les incidents comme révélateurs des rapports entre documentations individuelle et communautaire. PhD., University of Lyon.

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