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Videos of the lesson cycle

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This folder contains four chapters: preparation, implementation, debriefing and stimulated recall. This organisation is not, of course, a generic model. What appears as generic is the necessity of "showing" episodes of the documentary work of teachers, meaning before, during and after a lesson, and to capture elements of teacher reflective thinking. Each session is cut in episodes, accordingly with a script, result of the researcher understanding of what is at stake in this session. For accessing the videos, a password is needed.

1) Preparation of the lesson.

Following the process of selecting resources with a precise teaching goal, revising and structuring them, towards a new document. Script of the session (pdf file to be downloaded).

 2) Implementation

Implementation in classroom of the designed resource, inputs of pupils, modification “on the fly”. Script of the session (pdf file to be downloaded) - Additionnal resource : written notes of an assistant of research attending the lesson (pdf file to be downloaded)

3) Debriefing

Debriefing after a class test questionning students on the main results of the previous lesson. The analysis of pupils misunderstandings leads to rethink some elements of the designed resource. Script of the session (pdf file to be downloaded)

 4) Stimulated recall

Critical video episodes of the previous sessions are presented to the teacher, who reacts. Script of the session (pdf file to be downloaded)

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